2021 CSA Registration

Summer Bounty

We offer a traditional CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, meaning that you the customer, pay us the farmer for a share of the garden at the beginning of the season. We plant and reserve a portion of the garden for you and your family each week. The benefit is you get the freshest in season crops we can offer. You know your farmer and you know where your food is coming from. Every week we fill a basket for you and your family to build a menu off of. We even offer recipe suggestions and ideas. As a farmer we have the support and the financial means at the beginning of the season. Allowing us to plant the best garden we can. The risk is that if we have nothing to harvest because of catastrophic failure, we have nothing to give you.

The goal is that each week you will have a minimum of 5 items in your box.  Keep in mind, this means you will not get watermelon in May, or pumpkin in June. However, you will get the freshest produce, picked in the peak of the season for the best quality and flavor.

Once the season gets into full swing, we will try and provide a green, a root vegetable, an herb, a gourd, tomatoes, and peppers.  This is just an estimate, what is in the box is 100% dependent on what is harvested that week.

Our CSA runs for 15 weeks. Starting mid June and going through mid September. Memorial Day thru Labor Day. $25 dollars worth of produce a week, with a total CSA cost of $375 a share. Eggs can be added to your share for $5.00 a week.

June:  spinach, radishes, garlic scapes, kale, cilantro, snow peas

July: lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, carrots, basil, celery

August:  Peppers, tomatoes, beets, cucumbers, summer squash, chard, dill, beans

September: Melon, tomatoes, peppers, oregano, lettuce, carrots, radishes, okra

October: spinach, beets, parsley, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, peas

CSA Share with Eggs


CSA Share Without eggs


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